weeks 3 and 4 post op

Well I forgot to write last week so I figured I would just group the weeks together.  Week 3 brought me getting out of the house for aquatic PT.  I went 3 times last week and then again yesterday and will go again tomorrow.  I did this starting at 3 weeks post my last PAO also and I have found it both times to be very helpful.  Moving the leg in the water in normal ways helps me to move more normal on land after therapy is over.  My hip flexors get tight (more than the “normal” post surgical tightness) for the day after therapy and sometimes the following day.  I still have been taking 1 muscle relaxer a day due to this, hoping to wean off of then in the next 1-1.5 weeks.

I also this past weekend went to see the opening night of my daughter’s play (in a small community theatre for grades 1-12) and had to do the whole sit-stand-sit–stand thing for 2 hours, but I made it through!  I went to church the next morning too.  Things like this still exhaust me, as does the pool therapy, but I can very slowly feel my endurance improving.  My appetite has increased as well and I crave protein in a weird way so have been stocking up on eating almonds and walnuts a lot in addition to my regular snacks.

I now get in/out of the shower by myself, can fully shave my legs (Yeah!!!), dress (I can do socks in a weird and somewhat painful way, but if needed I can do them, and when someone else is around I give in and ask them to do it…some OT I am huh; ironically for years in rehab I pushed independence on my patients with their daily living skills, yet I give into easy when it’s available,  lol), and can get shoes on, but still need help tying my right shoe.  For pool therapy I just wear crocs so I can just slip them on/off.  I also can prepare myself and the kids easy things like eggs or a sandwich, being creative to move things around the kitchen without having my hands free.  I am also able to sleep on my non-op side for 1-2 hours a night with little pain, and on the op side for around 30 minutes with discomfort but not terrible pain.  I can get in and out of the bed and car by myself.  I feel like I have some independence back with these things.  I still can’t drive (per surgeon’s orders) and my hubby won’t let me walk up/down the stairs on my crutches alone until I can weight bear.  Three weeks from tomorrow I go back to see my surgeon and get x-rayed to see if I have enough bone growth to start putting weight on my leg, and start the long and tedious process of trying to gain strength and endurance in the muscles without flaring them, and weaning off the crutches.

I am eternally grateful to my parents who have been incredible this recovery.  I am also so very grateful to those who have brought us meals 2-3 times a week to spare Yago the cooking in these crazy weeks.  We are so blessed to have so many caring and compassionate brothers and sisters in Christ.  I’ve especially enjoyed the time those who had time to stay a little while and visit and/or pray with/for us.  Thank you 100 x’s to all of you who have helped out, you know who you are and so does our heavenly father:)

I prayed going into this surgery for a “supernatural” recovery.  I didn’t know what that would mean or look like, but that word constantly jumped into my head.  Well I will say that this recovery has had less pain, more movement, more energy earlier than the other PAO I had on the left hip.  These I think are due to having 1 fixed, decent hip, gaining some core strength with the trainer last spring and with the Ohio State PT this past summer.  While all these things have been VERY nice,they are not necessarily “supernatural.”  What is supernatural to me is the fact that I have gone through this past month with a renewed peace, joy, and sense of hope inside.  The hope yes, that things will get better, but even more than that my hope is in Jesus and that He will take care of me and I don’t have to worry or put my hopes in this world.  The hope that He is in control and I don’t have to be.  When I stay in the Word daily I am reminded of His promises daily, and that brings joy!  So I do think of this recovery as supernatural in that way.

I am convinced after all of this that nothing brings you closer to Christ than suffering does.  When there’s no where else to go, no one else to turn to, all that’s left is the cross which will never fail you.  I wish I would have realized this before without having to go through these past years, but with my pride that I held up high I believe it was the only way to bring me to Christ.  I pray that those I love and meet can come to this relationship with The Lord without having to go through the suffering, that they can lay down their hurts, anger, pride, etc… and find true JOY this Christmas season and then continue all year round.  2 ways to this, through prayer and quiet time daily  (even if only for a few minutes) to try and find that closeness to God and to listen to what He is trying to say to you, and also to get in the Bible as often as you can.  These 2 things will reveal who God is and how much He loves you, and the transformation and joy that follows as  you continue to seek that relationship is amazing.  Merry Christmas to you all, thank you for reading, and I’ll post again in a few weeks!


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