2 weeks post surgery (RPAO and scope)

As usual I am a bit behind with my writing, I am 2 weeks and 3 days post surgery now.  Week 2 brought a decrease in surgical pain and use of pain meds, increasing energy, and increase in independence.  The more I move the more I see how stuck my pelvis is in a rotated position from the chronic muscle issues I’ve had for so many years as a result of the bilateral hip dysplasia/torn labrums/FAI/excessive hypermobility.  It’s frustrating because I don’t have the guarding pain from the muscles like pre-surgery (from having an unstable joint), the surgical pain is almost gone, but the muscles are just tight from chronically being in a guarded position (and very full of trigger points) and are keeping my sacrum rotated which keeping my pelvis out of alignment which hurts to sit, stand, walk, move, and even to lay (although this is the best position).  I see my myofascial PT this afternoon and hope that she can somehow help this mess.  After my last PAO she eventually got me unstuck with those muscles through women’s health therapy, but we had to wait so many weeks after healing to address it, so I hope I’m not too miserable until that time period.

I did leave the house twice (both of which left me pretty exhausted), once going to my local doctor to get my stitches from my scope out and get some blood work done, and a second time to get my aquatic PT evaluation so that I can start pool therapy next week.  My surgeon said I could just to go the local YMCA and walk in the water, but the water at our Y is cold (cold with hypermobility people like myself is very very bad, and often counterproductive to what I am trying to accomplish in the pool), and it’s just not set up good to get in/out of the water safely hopping on one leg.  I used the same therapy place as last time when I did pool therapy after the other leg had this surgery and the water was warm and I could go right up to the entrance with my wheelchair (I am too terrified to take my crutches there due to all of the water on the floor, I don’t want to take a chance at slipping and falling) park it and then use the bars on both sides of the steps to support me as I hop down the steps and into the pool where I will be at chest level for walking and simple exercises  (in order to maintain my weight bearing precautions).

I can get in/out of the shower, dressed (except for right sock and to tie right shoe), on/off bed and couch now, and go up/down the stairs fairly easy with my crutches now (although my husband and mom won’t let me get in/out of shower or go up/down stairs without supervision).  My mom has been here every day helping the kids get breakfast before school and then off to the bus, bringing me breakfast in bed (I still limit my stair usage to only going down once in mid-morning and up at nighttime) then making sure I get showered and dressed, cleaning, doing laundry, getting lunch, and some days cooking dinner.  She has made all of this so much easier then I expected.  I told her she can start to wean off her time here next week, just doing mornings to help with the kids so Yago  can start work on time, and getting my breakfast, making sure I am dressed and showered and supervising me to get downstairs.  By mid-morning she will be able to go hopefully and get back to her daily routine.  We’ve had some delicious dinners dropped off, and still have 5 frozen ones in the basement, so the help with food from mom and friends has been so wonderful.

I thought I would get a little stir crazy like last time, but honestly I was way more motivated to get out and do things when it was summer (my last PAO surgery) and way more content to stay in the house this time with the cold temps.  I hope to venture back to church next weekend with Yago and the kids, I don’t think I have the sitting tolerance (especially with a stuck pelvis which makes sitting pretty miserable) just yet.  We’ve turned down a few invitations to dinner, as I just don’t have it in me yet physically to go out and socialize or attend any events.  Looking back at my blog from the LPAO it took about a month before I was ready, which I am hoping will be the same again.

Sleep is the one thing that many nights is very hard.  I’ve been training myself to sleep on my back since my first surgeries 1.5 years ago.  I don’t do it all night long, but I have forced myself to start each night at least on my back with 2 pillows under my knees-ankles for 2-3 hours before I turn on my side.  It’s the best position to sleep in, especially for my neck issues, but it’s hard to tolerate longer than that time frame.  After this surgery it’s too painful to sleep on the side (even the non-operated side) for several weeks (I checked my blog and it took me over 4 weeks last time), so some nights I’m lucky and other’s I’m mentally tossing and turning feeling pretty exhausted and unable to get comfortable to sleep.

Mentally I am just ok.  I am getting frustrated with my pelvis being out of alignment which becomes more and more painful the more I move and become more active.  It’s different feeling than before and I want to fix it like NOW, but everyone says one step at a time and I need to be patient, and I know all of these things on a cognitive level, but emotionally I am just so sick of pain.  I broke down the other night recalling events of the past 4 years.  I know so much good has come out of my suffering (I’ve shared specifics in the past blog posts about it), but it’s still hard to walk this road, still hard to watch other mom with their kids doing “normal” things, still hard to have pain every day all day.  I’m only human, I can only handle so much and at times things have been so overwhelming.  Looking back I can see God in it all, but sometimes you just need a good cry about things.  Anyways, I’ll post again soon, as always thanks for reading.


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