Night before right hip scope

Well in less than 12 hours I’m back under the knife ……again (sigh). This is the 3rd surgery in 6 months. I’m hoping it is the last one, but won’t know until I wake up from this one tomorrow. I’ve continued to decline, very frustrating:( I did have a few good days a week and a half ago I saw my pelvic floor PT then the next day my ART chiropractor, then the next day felt awful nerve pain, but the 2-3 days after that had very little pain, it was wonderful!!! I tried the same combo of therapies this week with no such luck.  I spent the weekend in the most awful nerve and SI pain that I’ve had in a long time. I will admit I did ALOT more than usual this past week (on crutches), and have done very little exercise on my operated hip so I’m thinking the combo was no good. Basically my hip rotators and pelvic floor are a mess and I’m full of inflammation.

anyways tomorrow I’m supposed to arrive at the hospital at 10 am for pre-op. The plan is to repair the labrum and shave bone off my femoral head, with the potential for a few other things if needed.  As for the later arrival time I’m thinking I’m the last patient of my surgeon for the day with the late arrival time. I did request to stay overnight given it’s a 2 hour drive home and his office set that up for me. Tonight we drove down to Columbus and had a very large, but delicious dinner at the melting pot, and now I can’t eat or drink until tomorrow late afternoon:(  I drink so much water I’m bummed about the no drinking rule.  I should be sleeping as it’s almost midnight, but Im really hoping to sleep in a little since it’s a late arrival at hospital and I’m sure I’ll be hungry, plus I am not comfortable in any position very long, so it’s difficult to be in bed more than 8 hours at most.

Well, I’ll wrap this up short and sweet. I’m not sure if this surgery will fix the awful nerve pain that rarely leaves me, but I’m trying very hard to put it in God’s hands and accept whatever he wills for me and pray for the strength to persevere and endure. I’ll update in the next couple of days….see you on the other side.


P.S. Big thank you to my parents for staying the next couple if says with my kids while we are gone. love you guys!


6 thoughts on “Night before right hip scope

  1. My prayers are with you Julie. I don’t understand God’s plan but I am confident he has one for you . Love you. Please let me know how I can help!

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