Week 10, Hip progress

Well I write this week with better spirits than last.  My PT reminded me today that I’ve come a long way even in just the past 2 weeks in regards to my hip and what I can do.  I’ve been off all walking devices for over a week now, I found they just threw me off even more due to upper back issues, so I limit my walking and activity levels to what I can do.  I have no limp and am starting to walk up/down steps like a normal person (unless it’s late at night where I resolve to walking up them with 2 feet on each step). Usually by 4/5 pm my body is screaming at me and by bedtime it is a tight, tired wreck.  However that being said a couple of weeks ago by 2 it was screaming at me, and before that by 12 noon, so that is progress.  My PT has me up to doing the elliptical for 6 min forward and 3 min backwards, squatting, “monster walking” with a theraband, doing Romanian dead lifts, some lower body weight training machines, some weird modified lunges with a kettlebell, stuff on a balance board, and a bunch of other crazy stuff.  I do the more basics at home on my “off” days (bridges, clams, core training, leg lifts, etc…) .  He said he is give me stuff he gives to athletes now, so I guess that means I’m doing pretty good.  My range of motion in my hip in not close to what it used to be, but it is improving weekly.  I’m not supposed to want it where it was, which was freakishly mobile.  I do have pain in the joint once I hit a certain degree of hip flexion and internal/external rotation which is a bit frustrating, but for most daily tasks and most of my therapy exercises I am in pain-free range.  My core muscles seem to kick in more regularly without much thought (until late afternoon anyways when everything is exhausted and tightens up).  What I am feeling now though is that as my pelvis and deep abs and core get stronger and work more, my thoracic spine and neck are getting tighter and more painful.  I know I lack thoracic mobility from years of terrible posture leading up to this, so I am trying to do more stretching there to see if I can get that area more mobile and freed up.  I also see a myofascial specialist once a week so we can work on that there too.  I feel more hopeful that I will get my body straightened out, but know it will take more time and a variety of people to finish putting this puzzle of a body together.   On a positive note, my nerve pain in my leg has been chillin at a 2/3 on the pain scale vs moving around from 2/3 to like a 7/8 so I guess as I get stronger it’s helping that somehow.  We’ll see though, every step forward so far seems to produce 2 steps back so I’m not holding my breath on that pain level staying low all of the time quite yet.

So I did end up getting my right hip scope moved up to October.  I realize the quicker I get that done the quicker I can fully address all my muscle imbalances and postural issues that I’ve been struggling with most of my life.  Are they all from the hips??  Who knows, it’s like a chicken vs. egg thing.  All I know if that as long as there is a dysfunctional joint in the pelvic area things will continue to compensate somehow/someway, and once I have both hips surgically fixed and rehabbed and fix all of the compensation from all of that I’ll be able to see what’s left posturally and go from there.  We still have a back up PAO date in November, and I am still hopeful I won’t need it.

On another note, tomorrow my sister and law and nephew head back to Guatemala after an almost 3 week visit with us.  It was so great spending time with them and having them around, they will be missed for many reasons.  First, we love them and they are wonderful:)  Second our nephew is hilarious and is growing up so much so quickly (we hardly get to see him) so it’s nice for our kids to be able to play and spend a good amount of time with him.  Third, it was a nice transition for me once my in-laws left (after 7 weeks of living with us and taking care of EVERYTHING for me).  I have taken up most of my previous house duties again (laundry, taking care of the cat, cooking, getting the kids to their activities and daycare 2 days a week) and she has helped A LOT by keeping the kids busy the days they are home so that I can stretch, do my PT stuff, and just rest when my body needs it, as well as helped some with dishes, laundry, light cleaning, and organizing my daughter’s room (which is a major chore!).  Starting next week I am full on mom duty for the 3 days they are here with me and I am a little nervous being alone since they are so active and I am limited in the amount of energy I have and the fact that my body shuts down in the late afternoons, but we’ll make it through somehow.  Besides only 3 weeks until school starts for them anyways; however that means only 4 weeks until my school starts and I head back to work:(  I LOVE my job, but am nervous with all this that I will set myself back some.  I’m starting only 1/2 days and seeing how that goes, and trying to work it where I’m not all over the school back and forth to my office all day.  I’ll make it work somehow, then increase as/if able until Oct 22 with the scope.  Regardless I am sooooooooo grateful and blessed to have had 10 WEEKS of in home help from Yago’s family.

Ending today thinking of some more of the people who’ve supported me so much in the mist of the storm: the family members that came to visit and help and how we got to spend more time with them (because we rarely get to see them due to distance), my local family who I know loves us and will help however they can through the coming surgery, the incredible hip friends I’ve made on this journey and support they’ve given me and the bond I feel with so many of them, a closer and stronger marriage weathering a major storm together, an incredible work environment/staff/director who has supported me and allowed me to keep my job (so far anyways), because I am technically only “per diem” because of working only 15/16 hours a week, and a couple of incredible therapists I’ve come to know.  I’m trying once again to count my blessings and to look back now at the past 4 months and see how far I’ve come instead of looking at how far I have to go.  I’m getting back into reading the Bible, alternating between Old and New Testament, as I want to continue to read the Old and learn the history and it’s lessons, but also need to re-read parts of the New as reminders of how to live and to have faith despite circumstances that we face in life.  Thank you for reading, until next week:)


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