Week 2 & first follow up appointment

Well today it’s been 2 week since the PAO.  Definitely have seen improvements this past week thankfully.  Pain continues to slowly get better where I can go 5 hours at times or more without pain pills (not all the time, but at least twice a day) and I’ve cut the Percocet for the most part to only 1 vs. 2 pills, and use the Tramadol more sparingly.  I can move quicker with the walker and use the crutches a little now too.  I can also hop up and down the stairs quicker with less effort.  I even did a small staircase of 3-4 stairs twice without any help from anyone on my crutches (on the big staircase at home I need someone to hold my operated leg up in the air so it doesn’t drag on the steps).  I rarely need naps now, sometimes once a day a short one, but mostly am awake 9am-11pm for the most part.  Still spend most of the day in a supine position on the bed or couch or now with the nice weather outside with the deck chair fully reclined and my feet propped up.  I love the summer and fresh air!!  Showers are getting easier, I think I will be able to get in/out on my own in the next couple of days, and I can dress myself if I use my reacher to put my lower body clothes on.

The hardest things are: still being dependent on others for most things (eating, coming downstairs, going places, taking a shower, or to get up from laying down at times when the pain is bad, or when I lay on a lower surface and get stuck.  I also get very bored:(  I don’t really like TV and just haven’t felt like reading much yet (although maybe that will be my goal next week).  I’m such a social person usually, love interaction with people.  My kids come around part of the day, but are always running room to room or outside without stopping, my in-laws are often entertaining them or working in the house, and Yago works, so although I enjoy part of the time being alone, I’m also bored for some more social interaction.  Yesterday I was blessed enough to have some help in that situation by my dear friend Johnna:)

Yesterday was my 2 week check up for the PA to look at my wound and to make sure it was looking good, to check my platelets, and to see if I have any questions.  Johnna was so awesome to take me on the 2 hour drive to Columbus (yeah for girl time, conversation, and social interaction).  Tiffany (the PA) said the wound looked good and was healing well, and that in 1 week I could start pool physical therapy.  She said they would check my platelets and make sure they came up since leaving the hospital to determine if I should stay on my full 3 week course of Lovenox.  (I never heard back today from her so I assume things are ok.) I asked her a lot of questions and she answered all that she could, but went out to ask Dr. Ellis something (I wasn’t scheduled to see him today, just her), and he showed up minutes later in the room, sat down and started chatting about how I was doing, and how well the surgery went, and how he did a lot of work “in there,” and how he was pleased with the results of the operation at the end when he took the final x-rays.  He saw the wound and thought it looked great too.  He asked if I wanted to see the imaging, and showed me the inter-operative x-rays of where he made the cuts on the pelvis, where he placed the screws in their final places, and the picture of the CAM bump on my femoral head that he removed (before and after pictures).  We then looked at my 3D CAT scan that I had done the night before my scope (that I had never seen yet).  It was very cool to look at.  It turns out I don’t have retroversion after all.  On first glance and assessment of the acetabulums on the 3D CAT scan he thought I had mild acetabular retroversion, but when he assessed the femurs they were slightly anteverted, and when he plugged both numbers into an equation he does, the numbers of the two combined came out within the norm, so he only needed to correct the dysplasia laterally.  He showed me the coverage on the CAT scan of the back of the femurs and it looked pretty good to me too.  He answered a few more questions, I received my prescriptions for more pain meds, aquatic PT, land PT (for after I see him and get x-rays at 6 weeks), and my operative reports from both surgeries.  Overall a successful visit I think:)

I thought I’d be a mess last night after the 4 hours in the car (2 down and 2 back), an hour at lunch in a restaurant with Johnna, and crutching around, and although I was tired and my muscles were tight and angry, it wasn’t as bad as I thought!  Anyways, I will continue this week trying not to expect too much, taking victory in small achievements, trying not to get frustrated that I am at the  mercy of EVERYONE right now, and trying to keep my eyes lifted up to God no matter good or bad the day is.

Below I posted a pic of me with my lovely best buddy (my walker) and 2 pics of the healing wound.  One is close and one is far.  Notice on the close one how the top is now just a thin pink line (the glue and scab fell off), and Dr. E said soon it will all look like that, and then eventually just a thin white line.

Me with my walker

Scar from a distance

scar up close


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