Going Home

Well it is now post op day 4 and I am going to be released from the hospital this afternoon.  I am a little nervous, but feel ready to go.  The last couple of days kind of are a blur and run together but I’ll do my best to recollect the main events since my last post on post op day 1.

Sunday, post op day 2:  The epidural was removed.  It was bittersweet because although I no longer had the weird numbness and tingling sensations, I realized that I was getting some pain relief from it on the operated side.  Pain increased significantly and had to use some of the IV pain meds in addition to the pain pills I was taking.  Physical therapy came twice that day and I was able to walk with my walker to the door of the room and back with a little help, a lot of time, and a lot of effort.  It felt like I had run a marathon by the time I got back to the bed.  I was sweating, nauseated, and getting very light-headed.  She let me rest after wards, but told me I had to sit up in the chair for at least 1/2 hour later in the day.  I was also able to get the catheter out today and was able to use a bedside commode as needed, yeah!  Saw Dr. Ellis today and he said everything went good in surgery, that my labs were all good, except my platelets were a little low and they wanted to monitor that since I am on Lovenox (blood thinning shots).  He said discharge would either be Monday or Tuesday.

Monday, post op day 3: Woke up with a lot of pain still, especially in the low back (SI joint area) that has been increasing since the epidural was removed.  Also noticed I started to swell A LOT in the left hip and thigh area.  I was told this is normal  for some people, and I was not surprised since I swelled a lot after my scope as well.  The muscle tightness has really kicked in and it’s hard to straighten out my leg all of the way.  I saw PT twice and we walked to the hall and back. I am getting a little more fluent walking with the walker and only using 1 foot to “walk.”  She said I was doing well overall, although I feel like a mess.  Everything exhausts me, it’s crazy!  I spend a lot of time napping and can barely keep my eyes open more than an hour.  I declined IV pain meds today just sticking to the pills since I know when I go home that’s all I will have.  Dr. Ryan stopped by and printed out a pic of one of the x-rays they took at the end of surgery.  It’s not a great picture, we were able to see all the screws in the hip, it was weird.

Tuesday, post op day 4: Today I am going home!  Medically the doctors cleared me this morning.  I got dressed (with help of course), had a good breakfast, and now am waiting for PT to come and go over stairs with me.  We plan to leave around lunchtime or just after to beat the storms coming through Ohio later today.  As I mentioned before I am nervous to go home, but ready at the same time.  I can’t wait to take a shower tomorrow!!  I’ve been sticking to sponge bathing and use of a rinse less shower cap to wash my hair. Yago has taken a few pics that I will try to attach here.  One is me in my shower cap, one is me in my CPM machine (machine that moves my hip passively to keep it from getting too tight), and one is of the incision area (if you have a light stomach don’t look at this one, it’s not pretty!).

That about sums it all up, much of the time here has been a blur.  I can say that the staff at OSU East  is incredible, from the nurses to the nurses assistants, to the dietary staff, to the environmental services, etc… Everyone is so friendly and helpful, I’ve had a very positive experience.  I will update in a few days when I am home and settled.

cpm pic photo scar pic


2 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Julie, Sooo glad your doing so well. You look great in your pictures. I am sure its a lot of hard work but you have so much support and prayers that You will do awesome!! Keep going strong!

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