Post-op Day 1

Well the big day came and went.  We arrived at the hospital at 5 am for a 7 am surgery time.  My nerves were fairly under control while in pre-op.  I received my IV, vitals were monitored, met with my surgeon’s fellow, my surgeon himself, and with the anesthesiologist.  I was told I would be under general anesthesia as well as have an epidural.  I was told the possible complications with both and then gave written consent.  They were nice enough to give me a small sedative prior to epidural, and I really didn’t even feel it go in. Shortly after I was wheeled to the operating room.  For my scope I don’t remember the ride, but this time I remember the ride as well as arriving in the operating room.  I didn’t really want to see the room, but I was on the happy medicine already so I wasn’t too nervous, and besides they put me out shortly thereafter.

Upon waking I realized right away that I had a complication from the epidural, it was only working on the NON-OPERATED SIDE!  Ouch! They gave me something quickly for pain, and the anesthesiologist came and moved the catheter of the epidural more superficial so it began to take affect on both sides.  I still have it in at the moment and must say I can move and feel sensation in the operated leg much more than the non-operated leg, what luck:(

Anyways, I spent a long time in recovery room being monitored, had low blood pressure and they wanted to monitor me closely.  Wonderful and attentive nursing staff there I must say.  Finally got to a room at 4pm and got to see Yago.  I was hooked up to so many things, IV, oxygen, drain, catheter, and a second catheter for the epidural.  Last night is kind of fuzzy, I know I ate some dinner and people kept coming in/out of the room, but I managed to fall asleep each time after they left. I take the pain meds each time they offer as I hear it’s important to stay on top of the pain before it gets bad.  I only had 1 episode of nausea and a sore throat last night, but seem to tolerate the anesthesia and pain meds quite well (besides the constant dizziness).

This morning physical therapy came to get me up, but my non-op leg was still very numb and weak, I didn’t pass the muscle tests they gave me so they decided no walking this morning.  In fact just sitting at the edge of the bed, I started falling backwards without realizing it and had to have Yago catch me, no sense of proprioception at all.  They did say the epidural was being weaned and will be pulled out tomorrow.  When PT came back in the afternoon I had some movement and  strength in the good leg, and managed to “walk” (more like use my arms to hold my body up and slide my good leg forward a few inches at a time) with a walker about 7-8 feet in the room and then back to bed where I collapsed.  Oh boy, the pain in the operated leg is bad when up!  I can’t cough or laugh otherwise it produces a deep sharp pain in the lower ab/hip area.  I took a 2 hour nap after PT left, was so exhausted!

The fellowship dr. (Dr. Ryan) stopped by today too and said they put 3 large screws and 2 small screws in the hip.  I have to be cautious, but can move in the bed, sit, and roll side to side if needed without messing things up.  He said the surgery went well and Dr. Ellis made sure I had full range of motion in the hip before putting the screws in their permanent place.  I’ll get to see Dr. Ellis tomorrow morning for any questions I may have.  Not too much else exciting.  I did lose the oxygen, and haven’t had to be hooked up to an IV since mid-morning.  My lab work came back normal, and I didn’t have to have a blood transfusion today (I was given one unit of my own blood that I donated for myself 3 weeks ago during the surgery), but if needed tomorrow I will get the second unit donated by my brother.

I had planned to read my Bible, a parenting magazine I picked up,  listen to music, etc… but the reality is my head is so fogged I have no desire to do any of those things.  I’ve spent most of the day trying to nap, but with the exception of the 2 hours nap I did get, every time I drift off someone wakes me up.  Oh well, that’s hospital life I suppose.

On another note today is Yago and I’s anniversary (11 years).  Not the best way to spend it, but we are happy that we are at least together.

So I will wrap up today giving thanks to God for bringing me safely out of surgery, for surrounding me with wonderful staff here at the hospital, and for giving me so many beautiful family and friends who have all pitched in and helped in one way or another.  I will continue to trust in Him that my recovery will be un-complicated and that I will have full healing with a fully functional hip in the future:)


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